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Phuket Weather Forecast

Phuket Thailand
1.88 m/s 100 %
overcast clouds
2.58 m/s 100 %
light rain
1.42 m/s 100 %
overcast clouds
0.91 m/s N/A
light rain
2.81 m/s N/A
sky is clear
3.48 m/s N/A
sky is clear
1.85 m/s N/A
light rain

511, 2015

Phuket Weather in November and November traditionally marks the start of the high season.

Phuket island is once again brought to life by tourists, visitors and travelers searching for the perfect sun-kissed tropical island getaway.

Phuket Weather in November reciprocates by offering up loads of sunshine, colorful sunsets, calm seas and pleasant days.
Although there can be occasional showers and thunderstorms in November, […]

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309, 2015

One of the magnificent things about Phuket in September is the weather.

Phuket weather in September helps set Phuket, and also Thailand, apart from much of the world. Its tropical climate is often a haven for outdoor activities and it is what makes Phuket such a unique and marvelous destination in Thailand for tourists from across the planet who want an […]

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306, 2015

The Phuket weather in June should see the the sweltering heat from April and May give way to a more clement weather as we expect slightly wetter days.

Except for heavy occasional showers, the weather should be comfortable to hang out on the beach, although sailing and water sports need to extra care due to the heavier easterly seas and winds.


The […]

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205, 2015

Like April, the Phuket Weather in May is a pretty hot month.

Towards the middle of the month, the heat begins to taper as rainfall gradually increases.

May Temperature

Gradually falling daily high temperatures characterize the month of May. Daily high temperatures are around 32°C throughout the month; It may exceed 35°C or drop below 30°C only one day in ten.

Daylight averages. 

Over the […]

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2104, 2015

Phuket weather today Tuesday the 21st April 2015 is telling us some high scattered clouds and generally a wonderful start to the day, unless your under one of those clouds.

Currently in Kathu, Phuket the temperature is 29oC and we can expect this to rise to around 32 during the afternoon. Whilst Wednesday is looking a lot better, today we may […]

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1404, 2015

How was your Songkran, here’s today’s Post Songkran Phuket Weather report, if your not toooo soggy!!!

Phuket has had a number of seasonal thunderstorms and some much needed rain and the outlook for the week is somewhat overcast with daily temperatures in the low to mid 30C and overnight we should be seeing around 25/26C.

These are typical temperatures for mid April in […]

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1104, 2015

The Thai New Year is here and traditionally the Songkran Water Festival takes place thought Thailand from the 13th to the 15th April.

Over the coming days the Relative Humidity normally starts to rise and continues through April.


Relative Humidity 

The relative humidity typically ranges from 55% (mildly humid) to 97% (very humid) over the course of a typical April, rarely dropping below 42% (comfortable) and reaching as high as 100% (very […]

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304, 2015

Partly cloudy and possibilities of some heavy rain or thunderstorms seem to be the order of the day for the Easter Phuket Weather.

Daily temperatures stay around 32/240C and overnight will normally drop to 250c

Winds could be gusty at up to 15K/hr and mainly from the North West as the Thai seasons change.

Easter Phuket Weather

Sunday expect more cloud but be careful for […]

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104, 2015

Phuket might finally get a decent shower of rain today with thunderstorms expected over the course of day and into the evening. The Wednesday forecast for Phuket is that humidity is over 80% and temperatures remain at 32 degrees during the day, easing to 26 degrees during the evening.

Seas are calm with a light 6 knot (11 kph) SE breeze […]

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3103, 2015

Today’s weather brings a chance of a thunderstorm with cloudy skies for most of the day. The best of the breeze will be in the morning with an 11 knot (20 kph) easterly which will fluctuate around to the SSW later in the day and lighten. High temperatures will continue with 34 degrees expected and an overnight minimum of 25 […]

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