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WHERE:- Naiharn Beach (near the Lifeguard Tower) WHEN:- Sunday 29 March
WHAT:- a competition of skills for individual and teams.       
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  • Phuket FM Radio DJ 'The Doris' - The Afternoon Show

    91.5FM DJ The Doris
    Nationality Scottish
    Music Choice All kinds of music for all sorts of people

    Paul Norris aka Dj Doris / The Doris was sadly the victim of a tragic road traffic accident on Sunday 12th January 2014 in Phuket, Thailand.

    Paul was with 91.5FM - Phuket Island Radio from its inception and is considered as one of the family here at the station. 91.5FM would not be what it is today without Paul's amazing entertainment talent, dedication and pure charm.

    There is Remembrance Service for Paul on Monday 27th January at 11.30 am at Falkirk Crematorium. All Relatives and Friends of Paul are very welcome to attend.


    91.5 FM will play a special "DJ Doris show" on Monday the 27th January from noon to 4pm Thai time.


    We are planning a Celebration of Paul's Life to be held at the Irish Times on Wednesday 5th February from 7:30pm.

    Paul is truly missed and will never be forgotten.



    What do I like about radio;  
     When I was a little younger than I am these days I discovered music or should I say the ability to listen, enjoy, and wanted to take part!
    It was obvious I never just liked listening to music II did in fact want to be involved with others who shared my passion but this came to the annoyance of my parents as I began to play the drums!A star was in the making.......well that's what I thought!
    The radio bug hit me on those long drives to work in the early hours of the morning 6 days per week....I enjoyed interaction between presenters and the listeners as this made the trip to work far more enjoyable.
    After years of both driving to work whilst listening to the radio and playing the drums (not at the same time) I decided that I would like to try my ability to entertain people by performing as a DJ at various functions around central Scotland which included birthdays,weddings and basically any event that would hire me!
    What made you want to be a radio presenter?
    All those hours of listening to the presenters on air was starting to pay off and from that day on I knew where I wanted to work although it wasnt until quite a few years later  after working nightclubs in China,Spain,Greece and Hong Kong and The Kingdom Of Thailand together with all those late nights I thought to myself that there must be a more enjoyable way  to play music and make people happy.
    My days in discos were numbered which made me start to think one word........BROADCAST!
    What music do you like?

    Eclectic is a word to describe my favourite artists/bands like Muse, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder , De La Soul....if i like the sound of it  I added to the i-pod.
    My music tastes also extend to Scottish pipe band music as I am of course from Scotland and a drummer....makes sense right?Basically if its got a beat I generally like it....well most of the time.
    How did you get a job  at  Phuket Island Radio?

    I believe it was a Saturday morning when my telephone rang and a voice asked me 'would you like to work on a new radio station that will soon be starting on the Paradise Island of Phuket? Before the question had been asked I had already answered YES!.....My ticket was booked.
    How long have you been in Phuket;
    Eleven years I have been on the Island .....give or take a few months.
    What is your favourite Thai food?

    Thai green curry has to be one of my favourites although not too spicy as my stomach is not as strong as what it once was.
    I love to try as many different dishes as possible, nothing ventured nothing gained !Go for it.

    What do you love most about Phuket?
    In a few choice words food,climate,people and waking up here every day.I consider myself a very lucky individual as I am living the dream each and everyday.
    What's it like to work at 91.5 FM?

    Doing something you love is not considered work right?All those years which I thought were being wasted learning and listening about music are paying off.
    Where is your favourite place in Phuket?
     Coral Island has to be tops for me and it's only about 20 minutes by boat from the South of the Island although if I swim there it does take considerably longer! Nai Yang beach is a very close second which is on the North West Coast near the airport....(see you there?)
    Advice to someone holidaying in Phuket ?

    Take as much time as you can to explore the Kingdom  Thailand has a tropical climate and with this also comes monsoon rains so if you are looking for a few lazy months on a deserted beach soaking up some rays make sure you have your holiday dates are correct.
    Take as much time as you can to explore the Kingdom and simply ENJOY!  


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